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Social Media

I am fairly active on social media and my privacy settings allow people to creep me, if that's what they so desire. I am fairly open book, so nothing is hidden. At any time you can click the social media icons to go to my home on those platforms. One of my favourite subreddits on Reddit is HikingAlberta so I have embedded it on this page for you to take a sneak peak at some of the pictures. I do post on there when I can.


Part of the reason I wanted to get into hiking was because I stepped on the scale one day and saw that I was very heavy. I was a size I had never been in my life, especially considering I had previously been at a fitness level where I was running 7 KMs every morning. I couldn't even tuck shirts into my jeans without having major self image issues creep up. Many of the hikes I consider moderate some might consider super easy. That is okay. When the hiking season of 2020 came up I had set out to have a goal of feeling confident enough to tuck in dress shirts into my jeans so I could dress a little more casual at work on occasion. This may be quite comical to you, but I hope if you are in a similar position with anything in life that my vulnerability helps you address things you are unhappy with and set a goal to work towards.

Current Goal(s)

November 9, 2020 - One current goal is to start using the treadmill more than 50% of the days of the week. Currently, I am not using it much, using being behind my self imposed school schedule as an excuse. As this part of my page is part of my last submission on COMP 266: Introduction to Web Programming, I will officially be caught up on my school schedule and I will have enough time to exercise a little on the treadmill. It's simply too cold to go outside right now, but I really want to in better shape to tackle tougher hikes.

November 9, 2020 - One current goal is to start using myFitnessPal (external link) to track what I am eating again to continue the good work I did during the summer. I have not put much effort into tracking what I ate since the end of September and I already can tell the quality of my diet has suffered and I have less energy than I did when eating better. I am more successful when I have tools in place to either drive accountability, be it internal measures or external. Even sharing this with the world wide web populace will help drive me to succeed, which ultimately helps me prepare for tougher trails next summer.

Completed Goal(s)

I successfully watched what I ate using myFitnessPal to track what I put in my mouth and 4 days of each week I either went on the treadmill or went for a hike for the summer months. The result of succeeding is that I lost enough weight (about 30 lbs.) and felt confident enough to tuck shirts into my jeans to look more professional at the office on casual days without my self esteem taking a hit.

Personal Interests

Aside from hiking, I am a volunteer extraordinaire. In particular, I have volunteered in my past for several groups such as the Elks or Chamber groups, and even an Ag Society. You can google what all of those do. My roles with those groups varied from executive level to director, or sometimes just making breakfast for the public or helping run bingo games to raise funds to give back to the community. I have also served on local minor hockey boards such as Olds Minor Hockey and Didsbury Minor Hockey in various roles: Secretary, CAHL Governor, and even President. Currently, I am still giving back by volunteering as the treasurer for the Mountainview Colts Junior B Hockey Club and being the main administrator and secretary/treasurer for the Airdrie Stars Athletic Association.

I am also a pretty big sports enthusiast. I love the Buffalo Bills and Calgary Flames the most. Although I am Canadian and love hockey, the NFL is truly my favourite league in the world and I try to make time to watch my team weekly. I also love to learn, which is why I have started working on a degree. Lastly, I also love music to the point where I can live without TV in the house, but don't take my music away! Specifically, I am almost always listening to rock music or progressive house music.

That above covers it, I hope you enjoyed visiting my page and learning about one of my hobbies. I hope if you are out of shape like I am, the fact I was able to complete all of the hikes I have reviewed inspires you to get out of the house and get moving!

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