Michael Davidson



Michael has worked in film as a writer, director, producer and actor.

Michael is a detail orientated person, with no small thing unaccounted for in his art. As a director this makes everything have a purpose and a synergy. He sees people’s strengths and works with them to help them discover what they often didn’t know they had inside of them. His training and application of technique is subtle allowing growth and a natural feel to his work.

As a producer Michael lets passion drive his productions and only ever commits to work he is willing to do every task for if need be. Because of this he has experience in writing, sound, make-up, props, and many other areas of film that an independent artist must learn to at least some degree. His focus currently is on producing work for local fighters and talent.

As an actor Michael loves to play, his strength is in anti-heroes, villains and nerdy characters, being able to pull the humanity out of these characters and make people see the world through a different set of eyes.


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