Michael Davidson


About Michael Davidson

Michael Davidson is a performer, stage combatant, writer and creator. Michael's career on stage started with high school improvisation where he learned his skill as a comedy straight man but also the basics of performance and comedy. From there he never looked back. Michael has done everything and creates new things when he runs out of things to try.

He specializes in writing and stage combat.

Special Skills

Theatre related: Improv skills, FDC Intermediate Certificate, nine years of Stage Combat, stunts and film fights (unarmed, armed, bottle break, throw through window, torture, 10ft high fall, hi-wire), three years dance lessons, two years singing lessons, horseback riding, playwright, four years teaching basic stage combat and contact improv, four years as director of yegDND: Improv.

Other: Sports skills (football, rugby, muai thai), played for Canada national paintball team in 2014, former Infantry Officer, Military History and Tactics major, decorated marksman, extensive hand-to-hand combat experience, large knowledge of undead and fantasy, back-packed Poland and Romania, and followed the life of Vlad Tempes around eastern Europe.

Formal Education

Other Education


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