Michael Davidson



Michael is available for scripts, play rights, and personal commissions. He has written for film, stage, radio and video games. Here are a couple samples of his work:

Fake Life (2010)

(They lie down. Zippeal uses Rose’s leg for a pillow. They are both extremely drunk, extremely!) Rose: What do you want to watch? Zippeal: Well I’ve never seen Mortal Kombat. Rose: What? Are you serious? You loser. Zippeal: I tried twice. My dad took me in theatre when I was really young and then it was on TV or something but I didn’t finish it either time. Rose: Why not? Zippeal: Huh? Rose: Why didn’t you finish it? Zippeal: Not important. Rose: Come on! (Zippeal pretends to sleep.) You’re not asleep you jerk. Zippeal: I was scared. Rose: Of me? Zippeal: Of the movie. Rose: What? Zippeal: Nevermind. Rose: Okay… (starts to sleep) goodnight. Zippeal: Night. (they both fall asleep) Rose: Zip. Zippeal: Yeah? Rose: We drank an unhealthy amount of alcohol tonight. Zippeal: Yes we did. Rose: We are probably going to die. Zippeal: Yes we probably are. Rose: Are you okay with that? Zippeal: Yep. Rose: Good… me too… goodnight. Zippeal: Night. (they both fall asleep) Rose: Zip? Zippeal: Yeah? Rose: Do you love me? Zippeal: (suddenly quite awake and aware) What? Rose: You love me. But you’ve never said it. Zippeal: Yes I have. Rose: No you haven’t. Zippeal: Days and Nights, page 121, lines 11 and 12. Rose: Is that what that means? Zippeal: Something like that. Besides we haven’t dated since I was like eight. Rose: Nine. Zippeal: Nine or eight, whatever. Rose: That doesn’t matter, you’re closer to me then any boyfriend ever has been. Zippeal: (to himself) I know. (to her) I thought you didn’t want me to. Rose: What if I did? Zippeal: Then I would hold you close and whisper it too you. I would climb the highest mountains and shout it. I would write it on every piece of paper I ever touch. I would write you eight themed letters, I-L-O-V-E-Y-O-U. Each one filled with only thoughts of you- Rose: What if I just wanted to hear it? Zippeal: I love you. Rose: I know. Zippeal I know you do. Rose: Goodnight. Zippeal: Night…

Show Me a Hero (and I’ll Show You a Villain with Good Excuses)(2015)

Narrator 2: “She ponders the plan. She doesn’t like it, it’s a bad plan. But it’s the only plan they have.” Cloe: “I don’t like it, it’s a bad plan.” Aisa: “It’s the only plan we have.” Cloe: “It’s a county bank, there is always a marshal there.” We see this play out as they talk. Skye becomes the MARSHAL and the townsfolk. Aisa: “So we make him leave. Coffin maker always has dry wood lying around, I’ll set a fire. Someone will rush in and tell him it’s happened.” Skye comically mimes what they say. Aisa: “Marshal! Marshal! Someone’s started a fire over at Blueson’s!” Cloe: “The marshal rushes out in a huff and puff ready to lay down some justice. But you and I are already inside when this happens so the moment he’s gone we draw our guns.” Aisa: “I watch the crowd and the door while you take the teller and fill the bags.” Skye grabs her own shirt and point her gun at herself, playing both the BANK TELLER and the fake Cloe. Cloe: “Fill the bags now!” Aisa: “Whatever you say lady.” Cloe: “Once the bags are full we leave.” Skye exit. Aisa: “Easy, in and out. No one gets hurt.”


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