Community Martial Arts
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Karen and Brian Larter

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Community Martial Arts - Friendly and Dedicated Uxbridge Martial Arts Classes

At Community Martial Arts, we pride ourselves on our commitment to high standards in all our Mount Albert and Uxbridge martial arts classes. Our lead karate instructors, Kyoshi Scott Shier (7th Dan) and Renshi Brian Larter (6th Dan), combine for over 50 years of martial arts experience and bring an exceptional level of skill and insight to their teaching. The martial arts are an ancient practice, sometimes clouded in our modern world by tendencies towards competition and dominance. At Community Martial Arts, we focus on fitness and self-discipline, while maintaining an atmosphere of friendliness and fun. Our underlying principles are, and always will be, honour, integrity, and humility.

picture of kids training
picture of kids training
picture of kids training

We provide Shotokan karate classes for kids and adults at both our dojos - Uxbridge and Mount Albert. Students can train in this discipline up to four times a week. Our kids' classes generally start with a game, followed by a warm-up, karate basics and a selection of karate kata, sanbon kumite and self defense. In our adult program, we add bunkai and ippon kumite to round out the training. At Community Martial Arts, we believe in building our students' confidence through a focus on the fundamental stances, blocks, punches and kicks, giving both the newcomer and the experienced martial artist a well-rounded karate program. We dedicate ourselves to providing you with the most fun and energetic classes in martial arts Uxbridge and Mount Albert have ever seen!