Tetris the Grandmaster, or TGM, is very similar to the versions of Tetris you have seen before. The main functionality is the same as all Tetris games. Tetriminos (the 7 different Tetris pieces) fall from the top of the screen towards the bottom. Once these pieces spawn into the screen, a.k.a. the well, they can be moved and rotated around. Players must stack the pieces in a neat fashion. After a tetrimino locks into place, a new one will spawn and then the player must maneouver the new peice. If pieces are stacked such that an entire row contains a part of a tetrimino, than that line will be cleared from the screen and disappear. This allows the game to be played continuously: players must stack their pieces in an organized fashion in order to continue clearing lines.

The objectives, mechanics and strategies of TGM are very different than your standard Tetris however. The following three sections outline these objectives, new mechanics and strategies for you.

Please start on the beginner page to learn how to play the game and its underlying key mechanics

Beginner Guide

Use the intermediate page once you have a handle on the mechanics of the game and want to push your strategies to the next level

Intermediate Guide

Use the expert page when you feel you are getting really good at the game and want to take it to the next level. This page will include the critical tips for you yourself to become a Tetris Grandmaster!

Expert Guide

The following website is another great resource to learn TGM tips in addition to the ones covered here on Z-piece.

TGM Tips