Setting up the Game

Since Tetris the Grandmaster was originally an arcade game, it can be difficult to get your hands on a copy wihtout putting up a large investment to actually buy an arcade cabinet with the original game. Although that is definitely an option, there are many other ways of playing the game and those are outlined in the sections on this page.


Shiromino  Menu Shiromino Gameplay

Shiromino is not the original version of Tetris the Grandmaster. It is acutally a clone of the game that attempts to replicate the exact controls and mechanisms of the original. In this author's opinion, it is the best clone of the original game available on the internet today and its gameplay is virtually indistinguishable from the original arcade version.

Shiromino comes with several modes to choose from. The G1 Master and G1 20G modes are the two modes that are clones of the original arcade game. The other modes include clones of the two sequels of the games in the Tetris the Grandmaster series as well as a pentomino mode!

Information for downloading Shiromino, as well as relevant developments and announcements, are provided by its creator, FeV, here: Shiromino Download.

Shiromino is available for Linux, macOS and Windows platforms


NullpoMino  Menu NullpoMino Gameplay

NullpoMino is not the original version of Tetris the Grandmaster. It is a cross-platform and open source java game. The game includes of many Tetris variants and also includes the ability to create your own version of Tetris

To play the clone of Tetris the Grandmaster included with NullPomino, select the "Grad Mania" mode. The game is an excellent recreation of the original arcade version.

Information for downloading and installing NullpoMino can be found on github here: NullpoMino Download.

Shiromino is available for Linux, macOS and Windows platforms



Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator, commonly known as MAME, is a totally free, legal and open source emulator that allows users to recreate many hardware implementations of arcade games as software on a personal computer or other platform. This allows the history of many older arcade games to be catalogued for future generations to enjoy.

MAME is available free for download for both MacOS and Windows, and more information can be found at their website.

If you own a copy of a Tetris The Grandmaster PCB (the printed circuit board that the game is contained on, not a physical arcade machine), then you can legally, in most countries, transfer/dump the data on this PCB to be stored on your computer in the form of a ROM (read-only-memory) file. MAME will be able to use this ROM file to replicate the game on you computer and you will also be able to play it. This procedure of copying ROMs of files you already own is legal in Canada and The United States, but make sure to check with your Country's own copywright laws before proceeding with this method.