How can I get Tetris the Grandmaster?

There are many ways to get and setup Tetris the Grandmaster. Please see the setup page for more details.

How is Tetris the Grandmaster different than normal Teris?

I would say that there is non "normal" version of Tetris. All versions have unique things about them, including the objective, rotational systems, graphics and more. Tetris the Grandmaster is a version that is all about playing as fast and accurately as possible. It uses uniques mechanicsto push player to the absolute limits to see if they can become a true Grandmaster of the game. For more information on these mechanics, please see the guide page.

What are the conditions to get the Grandmaster rank?

In order to get the Grandmaster (GM) rank, you must complete all 999 levels of the game with a grade of S9 within 13 minutes and 30 seconds. Upon completion of the game, if you meet these requirements, you will see a congratulatory message indicating you are a Grandmaster! See the expert page for more details.

What is 20G?

In Tetris the Grandmaster, G refers to gravity. The number before indicates how many rows a tetrimino will fall in a single frame. In this way, it indicates the speed of the game. For example, at 1G, a tetrimino will fall down at a speed of 1 row every frame. At 20G, the maximum speed, the tetrimino will fall at a speed of 20 rows per frame. Since the Tetris well is only 20 rows high, this means that the piece will fall instantaneously to the bottom.

Is it necessary to play this game with an arcade joystick?

Although Tetris the Grandmaster was indeed an arcade game, it is not necessary to play the game with an arcade stick. Traditionalists will swear that it is the best way to experience the game, but you can play with the input of your choice, from keyboard to a controller that can connect with oyur PC.