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Tetris the Grandmaster, or TGM, is an arcade game that was released by Arika in 1998.

It was created in order to sate the desires of Tetris fans who mastered the previous games and thought they were just a bit too easy.

TGM provides players with the ultimate Tetris challenge and rewards the players with the highest levels of skills and determination with the coveted title of Grandmaster.

The game is addictive, fun and challenging, able to provide years of entertainment. The original game has spawned two sequels and the series as a whole has a cult following of players throughout the world.

This site is dedicated to documenting information surrounding the original game and provides helpful guides for those who want to get involved with the game in any capacity.

To get started playing TGM, please visit the setup page.

The site is maintained by Matt Zarowny, a Tetris Grandmaster from Ontario, Canada.