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My name is Michael Baskhairoun. I am currently a 4th year electrical engineer at McMaster University. 3D printing is a hobby of mine that grew into a day-to-day practice. I was introduced to 3d printing during my first years of studies as an electrical engineer where we had to design and print multiple parts and machinery for some of the courses. Shortly after I decided to buy my own 3D printer instead of using the university printers. The process of deciding which printer would be best for me and fit my needs was very difficult and was a process that required a lot of research. Once I finally got a 3d printer, the setup process was hard as well. Even though there are a lot of people on blog websites to help and answer questions about which printer should one choose, it is still inconvenient to search multiple websites to find answers to your questions. And even the websites that do exist to help with 3d printing are specific to certain companies and cover very few brands. This is one of the reasons I decided to build a website where people can find everything, they need to know about 3d printing and answers to all their questions. A website like this would be the first of its kind and thus it would help a lot of people in their searching process.

Furthermore, the technology of 3D printing is not only a hobby for a lot of people, but it is also a life changing technology for people all over the world. The technology proposes endless possibilities, basically almost anything that you could think of and design you could bring it to life using this technology. A side of the technology that truly helped people turn their lives around, is the 3d printing of prosthetics. The cheapest market available prosthetic is usually very expensive and for a very high price you would get a prosthetic that is not necessarily functional, for example you could get a prosthetic hand that just fits and does not work (just for the looks). If you were to look at a functional/ Dynamic prosthetic, the prices would increase dramatically. 3D printing enables us to design a perfect fit prosthetic for anyone. Not only would you be able to 3d print a prosthetic for very cheap costs. You could also make it as functional as you would like to fit your very specific day to day needs. Through 3d printing this could all be done for as little as $5. However, the knowledge to design and use such tools is not easily acquired. Therefore, the website should have a simple tool that any user could use to easily guide them through the process based on the specific materials they have available at hand and help them change their lives.

To Sum up, my goal was building a website that will help anyone who is looking to get into the technology of 3d printing, whether it be as a simple enjoyable hobby, up to people who need the technology to change their lives, even people who would like to pursue 3d printing as a career.

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