In Person Meetups

  • is full of different communities. You can search for all kinds of Meetup groups by geographic location. Many ski and snowboard groups use this website plan trips and events. Meetup also has an APP for Android and iOS.

Magazines and News

  • Transworld SNOWboarding describes itself as "The World's #1 Snowboarding Magazine and Website." TWSNOW staff travels the worlds, producing tons of articles, event coverage, photos, and videos.
  • Mpora Snowboarding attempts to bring the best photos, videos, and inspirational features. It also includes learning material and resort guides.
  • Snowboard Canada Magazine features Canadian news and videos.

Online Forums and Discussions Groups

Please be cautious when reading advice from online forums and be weary of the source. Some advice may come from beginners with good intentions, but they lack experience. Some advice may also come from an internet troll looking to stir up trouble.

  • Reddit R/snowboarding is a large online community where individuals post articles and opinions to be discussed and ranked. Reddit is a great resource for the latest trends.
  • is an online forum with a large base of active members discussing a wide range of snowboarding topics: equipment, travel, lifestyle, events, and more. The forum is also a good source for photos and videos.

Last update: May 02, 2019, by Michel Desmarais.