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Nex-to-spleak President - Toastmasters Club


President of the Nex-to-Speak Toastmasters club. Presenting information through public speaking can one of the hardest things someone can take on. With my experience as President of this long established Toastmasters club I not only gained effective presentation skills, but also helped mentor many people that struggle in this area. Having people that can communicate effectively to other groups within the organization is invaluable and something that business look to improve upon.

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Calgary Corporate Challenge - Chairmen CNOOC

Calgary Corporate Challenge

When you can share common interests (that are outside of work) with co-workers, there is something truly special that happens. These team bond and become more effective. Also when the whole organization is involved you have people meet (through the same interests) that would not normally connect, this can lead to spectacular things.

I was Chairman of a large (4,500 plus people) organization for Calgary Corporate Challenge over multiple years. While in this position we got more executive support, increased our overall standings, and increased participation for the CCC games.

The connections I made personally during this time are still of the strongest that I have made in my work career.

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The Mustard Seed - Volunteer

The Mustard Seed

We all fall down sometimes and need a hand to get back up. I am proud of the work I have down with the Mustard Seed and what they are attempting accomplish with their mission of helping the venerable.

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