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Welcome. This website provides an overview of different skills and experience I have obtained throughout my career. The items below provide detailed descriptions of various work I have completed and how that have offered value to the teams that I have been a part of.

Much of my experience is broken into the following categories:

Project Controls

Project Controls
Large, Integrated Scheduling
Portfolio management through proper scheduling and schedules for mega-projects.
Progress tracking
Get quantities set from the start, and use them to drive project success.
Cost Analysis and Forecasting
The main backbone of the project. How to know how healthy the project is, all the time.
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Process and Procedures

Processes and Procedures
Creation of new business units
Want to repeat success, or manage correctly under growth. Write it down and map it out.
Re-definition of existing procedures
Think there is room for improvement. Re-visit how things are done and become more effective.
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Software Development

Software Development
Virtual Reality software development
Get your product in peoples mind, like it is already created. Use this powerful medium to show your competitive advantage.
Business software custom pipelines
Have many large programs that don't talk to each other. Build small pipelines to keep existing tools and increase efficiency.
Website Development
Lile this site. Get one for yourself or your business.
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Community Work


It's not just work. Find out about my other interests and let's connect.

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Putting It All Together

Get an overview of my experience
A summary of how I have helped other organizations.
Common business problems and potential solutions
A list of questions that require solutions. Your organization may be faced with some of these. Get the solutions.
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