Process and Procedures

Process and procedure management becomes a requirement when organizations need to duplicate their past success into future work. This often becomes a highlight for organizations when they are unable to replicate the results they expect. Failure to repeat success can be a tremendous blow to their reputation and goodwill, this can be especially difficult when success brings more growth.

Once proper processes and procedures are committed to from a senior level, the development and implementation of processes and procedures can save time, effort, and provide assurance to the organization that results can be achieved through training. The development of process and procedures can also help to identify gaps in current processes and address them.

I have been involved in the creation of processes on three occasions, these were: Creation of new business units and Re-definition of existing procedures.

Creation of new business units

New Business Units

New Divsion in a growing organization

I was responsible for building a new heat exchange maintenance division, including all of the procedures needed involving the business development, safety, and training.

These procedures became required, because in order to obtain large scale contracts, the type of clients that even have heat exchangers to maintenance, are very risk adverse and use procedures as a barometer for a contractor suitability on their plant location. During the time I was with the organization we were able to sign 2 key contracts allowing for millions of annual billing.

Showing Best in Class

Project controls procedures for management consulting. Management consulting is often an 'umbrella' that incorporates many other disciplines, or rather knows how to manage them. To this end I developed and implemented a full range of Project Controls procedures for a management consulting company that oversaw the construction of a $200 million dollar facility. These procedures, in concert with other procedures produced, help get this contract awarded by Atco, a major energy player.

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Re-definition of existing procedures

Business Integration

Major Process Redesign

In addition to procedure creation, I have also been involved in the re-definition of existing procedures. These re-definition are particularly interesting and difficult to navigate. They often occur when an organization has determined that existing process and procedures are not effective and require fine-tuning or even a complete overhaul. This exercise often requires negotiation with the stakeholders that are either demanding change or those that created the processes to be begin with.

One of these re-definitions was a complete overhaul of an maintenance division that had hundreds of millions operating budget. For this I was part of a large scale team that needed to completely redesign the existing procedures. For this management was involved at every step and the newly implemented procedures had a very high profile. The team I worked with developed RACI charts, flow diagrams, swim lane charts, narratives, training binders, and more.

Integrating into Large Projects

Another time that I redeveloped procedures was when the organization was undertaking a 'project consolidation' exercise to execute all project from a centralized PMO (Project Management Office). Although I was not involved in the consolidation of the projects, there was still much to do once this initial task was complete. For example, it was quickly identified that existing 'large projects' processes and procedures would not fit a large sub-set of the newly consolidated projects. Many of these new projects were of a smaller scale and started getting 'smothered' by the rigorous requirements that major projects required to be successful. A small team, including myself, begin to do a gap analysis of the requirements and create a custom set of procedures to ensure that smaller capital projects, that are in higher volume (of projects), and with a shorter turnaround time, could be successful.

This end we develop and implemented different funding requirements and execution strategies so these projects could meet their full business goals.

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Processes Summary

By building and redesigning processes and procedures for various organizations that involved different disciplines I have put my Business Analysis training to good use. It is with this training and experience that I can cut through the noise and help organizations to build standards that will assure repeatable success into the future.

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