How I can help.


I am always learning. With each day I strive to do a little better and learn a little more. With this mosaic of experience and training I often unique and innovative ways to solve challenges and promote healthy teamwork.

Below is a table with common business problens that I can assist with:

Question Solution More Information
How do you repeat the success of the last project? Define and create the map to repeat Processes and Procedures
How do you reduce the manual inputs required for information? Look at small, custom solutions that involve script automation (Excel VBA or PowerShell) Software Development
How to reduce errors in compiled information and reporting? Consolidate and cleanup data inputs and reduce manual entries Software Development
How to get accurate timelines for projects, with associated costs? Create quantity based schedules (from history) and connect these to internal cost reporting. Software Development
How to manage multiple projects that are in different stages effectively? Create integrated scheduling that provided summary level analysis. Where all projects can be better viewed and understood Software Development
How to continue growth and reduce training time for new project people? Standardize that way business is done and write this down. Turn this into a binder that new people can reference Processes and Procedures
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